The natural jewels of Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

6 days on a bike exploring Lucca and its villas, the home town of Leonardo da Vinci and admiring the typical landscapes of Tuscany

The home town of Leonardo da Vinci
Tuscany, Italy 4 days

3 days of cycling surrounded by landscapes of Tuscany, discovering the home town of Leonardo and relaxing in termal pools

From Matera to Lecce: among trulli, vineyards and olive trees
Apulia, Italy 8 days

A self guided bike tour from Matera to Lecce through authentic villages, ancient olive groves and among the trulli houses.

Learning Italian by bike
Apulia, Italy 10 days

A bike tour in the beautiful Salento - authentic villages, stunning panoramas, tasty food and Italian classes

Along the ancient Via Francigena from Palermo to Agrigento
Sicily, Italy 7 days

Cycling along the ancient Via Francigena that crosses Sicily  from coast to coast

Sicily – the nature, the story and Elymian and Greek culture
Sicily, Italy 8 days

8 days cycling tour rich of culture, archeological areas and breathtaking panoramas

Lands of the Normans in Sicily
Sicily, Italy 8 days

Cycling tour along the Norman lands in Sicily with staying in the famous Cefalu'.

The way of Saint Francis: from Rieti to Rome
Umbria, Italy, Rome 8 days

Stage 4 of the Way of Saint Francis (Via di San Francesco) from Rieti to Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The way of Saint Francis – from Spoleto to Rieti
Umbria, Italy 7 days

Stage 4 of the Way of Saint Francis (Via di San Francesco) from Spoleto to Rieti.

The way of Saint Francis: from Assisi to Spoleto
Umbria, Italy 6 days

Stage 3 of the Way of Saint Francis (Via di San Francesco) from Assisi to Spoleto

The way of Saint Francis: from Citta’ di Castello to Assisi
Italy, Umbria 7 days

Stage 2 of the Way of Saint Francis (Via di San Francesco) from Citta' di Castello to Assisi

The way of Saint Francis: from La Verna to Citta’ di Castello
Tuscany, Umbria, Italy 7 days

Stage 1 of the Way of Saint Francis (Via di San Francesco) from La Verna monastery to Citta' di Castello.

Crossing the Gulf of Orosei 24.03. – 30.03.
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in the beautiful, wild Gulf of Orosei with overnight in tents, mountain huts or in a beach and with dinners at shepherds.

Gulf of Orosei by bike
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

5 days of cycling along the coastal area and fabulous coves and in the countryside of Orosei

Nordic Walking between the hills of Monferrato
Piedmont, Italy 6 days

Nordic Walking holiday in Monferrato area combined with a good, local food, visits of the charming towns and wine tasting.

Discovering the unknown part of Sardinia
Sardinia, Italy 8 days

3 amazing bike-routes with different difficulty levels and ever changing landscapes.
3 days dedicated to discover a territory of uncontaminated nature and the griffon vulture.

Discovering Cilento coast
Italy, Italia, Campania 3 days

3 days together with a local guide discovering the medieval villages, Mediterranean Scrub, wineayards and olive groves.

From hut to hut in Val di Fassa
Trentino, Italy 7 days

A 6-days trekking to explore one of the most panoramic places in the Dolomites.

Authentic Val d’Orcia on two wheels
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

Cycling through the magnificent landscape of the Val d'Orcia, in the Tuscan hills, which has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2004.

The crossing of Appennines in the lands of Canossa
Italy, Emilia Romagna, Italia 8 days

From the first outskirts of the city of Reggio Emilia to the mountains of the Tosco-Emiliano border - an unforgettable 8 days adventure, side by side with the donkeys.

Discover the National Park of Tuscan – Emilian Appennines
Italy, Emilia Romagna, Italia 4 days

Four days together with donkeys in the heart of Tuscan – Emilian Appennines discovering the National Park with it’s blueberry valleys and the Europe’s most unique limestone!

Tuscan Terrace tour
Tuscany, Italy 4 days

Explore the most picturesque places and enjoy the most beautiful views from some exclusive perspectives over your weekend in Tuscany.

From Dolomites to Venice
Trentino, Italy, Veneto 8 days

On a bike among the magnificent mountains of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, until reaching Venice.

Portofino and Cinque Terre, active tour, 8 days
Italy, Liguria 8 days

8 days of trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, visiting Genoa and the small fishermen villages, cooking class and local products tasting, enjoying beautiful views and the sea.

Portofino outdoor, self guided tour, 4 days
Italy, Liguria 4 days

4 days of trekking, kayaking, snorkeling and relaxing in Portofino National Park

Lingua Natura: Italian learning – naturally!
Piedmont, Italy 6 days

Lingua Natura is a 6-day programme with daily lessons combined with different excursions and activities.

Cinque Terre National park – self guided trekking
Italy, Liguria 6 days

6 days self guided trek around the beautiful paths and enjoying the unforgettable landscapes

Wild Sicily, 3 days tour through woodlands and megalithic sites
Sicily, Italy 3 days

A wonderful three days horse trekking that allow to discover one of the most beautiful landscapes, amazing woodlands, charming meadows, stunning river valleys.

Casentino forests and mountains
Tuscany, Italy 4 days

Trekking with donkeys in the National Park of Casentino and in the millennial forests surrounding Camaldoli’s Monastery

Majestic Etna, circular trekking
Sicily, Italy 3 days

A wonderful three days horse trekking to admire the rough nature and the stunning landscapes of the Etna volcano.

Valgrande National Park – the largest wilderness area in Italy
Piedmont, Italy 4 days

A wild 4 days trek in the Val Grande National park - the largest wilderness area in Italy

Hiking in Apennine National park
Tuscany, Italy 5 days

Hike from the Tuscan Apennine side to Emilia and back to admire the many different features of this undiscovered national park.

3×3 experience: 3 days, 3 parks, 3 experiences
Tuscany, Italy, Liguria 4 days

3 days and 3 different experiences - canyoning, iron way and rock climbing

From Parma to Cinque Terre by bike and train
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

A journey through authentic flavours by bike and train, from the Italian food icons Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma ham, to the Ligurian fish and wine.

From the Apennines to the sea
Tuscany, Italy, Liguria 4 days

3 days cycling tour with an exceptional food and wine experience from the Apennines to the sea

Tuscany, Italy 7 days

5 days trek around the beautiful Elba island to discover the territory – ancient forests, steep cliffs, green valleys and rocky mountains.

Trekking in Orosei and surroundings
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in Orosei surroundings discovering the beautiful mountains and the wilderness area, visiting the archeological sites and tasting the typical lunches prepared by local shepherds.

Crossing the Gulf of Orosei
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in the beautiful, wild Gulf of Orosei with overnight in tents, mountain huts or in a beach and with dinners at shepherds.

Well being holidays in coast of Orosei, 8 days
Sardinia, Italy 8 days

Experience a healthy week in Sardinia practicing yoga, water sports and eating healthy food.

Well being holidays in coast of Orosei, 5 days
Sardinia, Italy 5 days

Five healthy days in Sardinia - yoga, water sports and healthy food.

Around the Orta lake
Piedmont, Italy 5 days

Fall in love with both the picturesque lakes of northern Italy and the faithful donkey by your side on our four-day donkey tour.

The valleys of Mount Rosa
Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Italy 6 days

Five days trekking with donkeys to admire the glaciers of Mount Rosa and the lush high altitude pastures of the Sesia and Lys valleys.

Walk with donkey
Umbria, Italy 3 hours or all day long

Panoramic walk with a donkeys for families from 3 hours till 1 day long.

Swimtrekking in Asinara National Park
Sardinia, Italy 8 days

A week in swimtrekking camp on the island of Asinara in Sardinia, during which professional instructors will introduce you to this interesting activity and will show you the beauty of the island.

Taste of Salento
Apulia, Italy 7 days

One week of visits, walks, swimming, tastings, cheese, wine and olive oil making demonstrations.

Between the olive trees in Apulia, self guided
Apulia, Italy 8 days

Seven days on pedals, following our gps maps leading you in the most evocative corners, to the countryside roads, small villages and handcraft laboratories….

Between the olive trees in Apulia, guided
Apulia, Italy 9 days

A weekly tour along with our expert guides to discover deeper this region. A full immersion into its landscapes, people, sounds, legends thousand years old.

Wine and typical food of Piedmont
Piedmont, Italy 7 days

6 days tour in Piedmont tasting the local food and the best wines!

The picturesque Amalfi coast
Amalfi, Italy 6 days

6 days trek along the picturesque Amalfi coast enjoying the unforgettably beautiful views, the crystal-clear sea and the charming villages.

The colours of Mount Rosa
Piedmont, Italy 7 days

This six day Tour Monte Rosa - Matterhorn will allow you to admire the beautiful valleys from a vast array of summits above 4000 meters.

Tour of Mont Blanc
Valle d'Aosta, Italy 9 days

8 days trek around Mont Blanc. Starting from Courmayeur, in Italy, we will pass through Champex in Switzerland and Chamonix in France: three countries, three cultures, three cuisines!

Mountains and medieval villages of Umbria
Umbria, Italy 6 days

6 days trek in Umbria exploring the beauty of Monti Sibillini National park and the charming medieval towns. The donkeys will bring your tired children and your personal belongings, so you only have to enjoy the walks and the beautiful landscapes.

Minicruise around Aeolian islands
Sicily, Italy 8 days

7 days cruise around the Aeolian islands discovering the stunning coastline, unique landscapes and two active volcanoes.

Abruzzo bike to coast
Abruzzo, Italy 7 days

A one week ride on the Abruzzo coast! We will cycle on the riviera enjoying spectacular and unusual views across natural and untouched paths on the coast .

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