Cycling Tours

Traveling by bike allows you to get to know the region you have chosen, its cities and small villages, to arrive on top of a mountain and admire the breathtaking scenery, to stay away from the busy cities and everyday stress, to immerse yourselves in the landscape and see the places you do not see traveling by car.

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The natural jewels of Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

6 days on a bike exploring Lucca and its villas, the home town of Leonardo da Vinci and admiring the typical landscapes of Tuscany

The home town of Leonardo da Vinci
Tuscany, Italy 4 days

3 days of cycling surrounded by landscapes of Tuscany, discovering the home town of Leonardo and relaxing in termal pools

From Matera to Lecce: among trulli, vineyards and olive trees
Apulia, Italy 8 days

A self guided bike tour from Matera to Lecce through authentic villages, ancient olive groves and among the trulli houses.

Along the ancient Via Francigena from Palermo to Agrigento
Sicily, Italy 7 days

Cycling along the ancient Via Francigena that crosses Sicily  from coast to coast

Around the Cape of Corsica and its Genoese towers
Corsica, France 7 days

Cycling tour around the cape of Corsica along the beautiful coastal roads, rich of unforgettable panoramas

Sicily – the nature, the story and Elymian and Greek culture
Sicily, Italy 8 days

8 days cycling tour rich of culture, archeological areas and breathtaking panoramas

Lands of the Normans in Sicily
Sicily, Italy 8 days

Cycling tour along the Norman lands in Sicily with staying in the famous Cefalu'.

Gulf of Orosei by bike
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

5 days of cycling along the coastal area and fabulous coves and in the countryside of Orosei

Discovering the unknown part of Sardinia
Sardinia, Italy 8 days

3 amazing bike-routes with different difficulty levels and ever changing landscapes.
3 days dedicated to discover a territory of uncontaminated nature and the griffon vulture.

Authentic Val d’Orcia on two wheels
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

Cycling through the magnificent landscape of the Val d'Orcia, in the Tuscan hills, which has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2004.

From Dolomites to Venice
Trentino, Italy, Veneto 8 days

On a bike among the magnificent mountains of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, until reaching Venice.

From Parma to Cinque Terre by bike and train
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

A journey through authentic flavours by bike and train, from the Italian food icons Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma ham, to the Ligurian fish and wine.

From the Apennines to the sea
Tuscany, Italy, Liguria 4 days

3 days cycling tour with an exceptional food and wine experience from the Apennines to the sea

The road to Santiago de Compostela by bike
Spain, Santiago de Copostela 9 days

8 days itinerary from Leon to Santiago de Compostela on French road.

Between the olive trees in Apulia, self guided
Apulia, Italy 8 days

Seven days on pedals, following our gps maps leading you in the most evocative corners, to the countryside roads, small villages and handcraft laboratories….

Between the olive trees in Apulia, guided
Apulia, Italy 9 days

A weekly tour along with our expert guides to discover deeper this region. A full immersion into its landscapes, people, sounds, legends thousand years old.

Abruzzo bike to coast
Abruzzo, Italy 7 days

A one week ride on the Abruzzo coast! We will cycle on the riviera enjoying spectacular and unusual views across natural and untouched paths on the coast .

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