One of the best ways to discover the real Italy is participating in typical food and wine tastings. Just so you will really understand Italians – good food is their essence of life!

Every region, every city or smallest village offers the traditional food and good wine – a paradise for gourmands!

Pizza, pasta, cheeses, olive oil, salami, fruit and vegetables, ice cream and chocolate…and coffee of course, no day without espresso or breakfast cappuccino.

Food and wine tours offer you a possibility to get to know the typical food and wine of a particular region, to discover the secrets of some dish, to take part in tastings or to learn how to make real Italian pizza or homemade pasta.

Just choose the region and we will take care of enough food and wine!

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From Parma to Cinque Terre by bike and train
Tuscany, Italy 7 days

A journey through authentic flavours by bike and train, from the Italian food icons Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma ham, to the Ligurian fish and wine.

From the Apennines to the sea
Tuscany, Italy, Liguria 4 days

3 days cycling tour with an exceptional food and wine experience from the Apennines to the sea

Between the olive trees in Apulia, self guided
Apulia, Italy 8 days

Seven days on pedals, following our gps maps leading you in the most evocative corners, to the countryside roads, small villages and handcraft laboratories….

Between the olive trees in Apulia, guided
Apulia, Italy 9 days

A weekly tour along with our expert guides to discover deeper this region. A full immersion into its landscapes, people, sounds, legends thousand years old.

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