Trekking on foot

The best way to discover a destination is on foot, and the best place for enjoying spectacular views is a peak of a mountain.

Italy offers a wide choice for trekking lovers – the experts can summit the highest peaks or glaciers, try Via Ferrata or rock climbing, discover the authentic mountain villages, taste the typical food in a mountain hut and probably meet a local who will tell stories about the conquered peaks.

Those who prefer easier treks can discover other famous places like Elba Island, the Liguria or Amalfi coast – these are easy and relaxing itineraries with the possibility to enjoy beautiful views and stop in a bar in one of their small villages for a cup of coffee or a chat with locals.

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Crossing the Gulf of Orosei 24.03. – 30.03.
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in the beautiful, wild Gulf of Orosei with overnight in tents, mountain huts or in a beach and with dinners at shepherds.

Discovering the unknown part of Sardinia
Sardinia, Italy 8 days

3 amazing bike-routes with different difficulty levels and ever changing landscapes.
3 days dedicated to discover a territory of uncontaminated nature and the griffon vulture.

From hut to hut in Val di Fassa
Trentino, Italy 7 days

A 6-days trekking to explore one of the most panoramic places in the Dolomites.

Portofino and Cinque Terre, active tour, 8 days
Italy, Liguria 8 days

8 days of trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, visiting Genoa and the small fishermen villages, cooking class and local products tasting, enjoying beautiful views and the sea.

Portofino outdoor, self guided tour, 4 days
Italy, Liguria 4 days

4 days of trekking, kayaking, snorkeling and relaxing in Portofino National Park

Cinque Terre National park – self guided trekking
Italy, Liguria 6 days

6 days self guided trek around the beautiful paths and enjoying the unforgettable landscapes

Valgrande National Park – the largest wilderness area in Italy
Piedmont, Italy 4 days

A wild 4 days trek in the Val Grande National park - the largest wilderness area in Italy

Hiking in Apennine National park
Tuscany, Italy 5 days

Hike from the Tuscan Apennine side to Emilia and back to admire the many different features of this undiscovered national park.

Tuscany, Italy 7 days

5 days trek around the beautiful Elba island to discover the territory – ancient forests, steep cliffs, green valleys and rocky mountains.

Trekking in Orosei and surroundings
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in Orosei surroundings discovering the beautiful mountains and the wilderness area, visiting the archeological sites and tasting the typical lunches prepared by local shepherds.

Crossing the Gulf of Orosei
Sardinia, Italy 7 days

Five days trek in the beautiful, wild Gulf of Orosei with overnight in tents, mountain huts or in a beach and with dinners at shepherds.

The picturesque Amalfi coast
Amalfi, Italy 6 days

6 days trek along the picturesque Amalfi coast enjoying the unforgettably beautiful views, the crystal-clear sea and the charming villages.

The colours of Mount Rosa
Piedmont, Italy 7 days

This six day Tour Monte Rosa - Matterhorn will allow you to admire the beautiful valleys from a vast array of summits above 4000 meters.

Tour of Mont Blanc
Valle d'Aosta, Italy 9 days

8 days trek around Mont Blanc. Starting from Courmayeur, in Italy, we will pass through Champex in Switzerland and Chamonix in France: three countries, three cultures, three cuisines!

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