Unique Transportation

For us, it all started with donkeys. Our family donkey holidays, which invited small groups to trek through rustic Italy alongside these magnificent animals, proved so popular that we decided to extend our scope. Now we offer off-beat, outdoor holidays which take advantage of almost every mode of transport: you can travel by foot, by bike, by horse, by car, by Vespa or by water!

Travelling in a unique way allows you to connect with the natural world around you. Enjoy your holiday at a steady tempo that matches the gentle thud of a donkey’s hooves, or feel the wind buffet your face as you streak down dirt roads on a classic Italian Vespa – the choice is yours.

Intimate Accommodation

In Italy, home really is where the heart is. The accommodation we have sourced for each and every one of our holidays will ensure that you feel the comforting arms of Italian hospitality around you when you go to sleep at night. We love the intimate, family-run hotels and romantic farmhouses that feature on our tours.

Authentic Food and Wine Experiences 

We know what you want from your Italian holiday – delicious home-cooked food, just like Mamma makes! Our tours will introduce you to the traditional cuisine of the region you are exploring, with local produce galore: truffles, nuts, cheeses, olive oil, and a smorgasbord of other Italian delicacies.

Not only do we encourage you to taste the fantastic food that characterises our homeland, but we also invite you to learn how to make it yourselves. A number of our tours include culinary experiences – knowledgeable chefs will share the secrets of Italian dishes such as authentic pizza or homemade pasta.

Of course, no good meal is complete without a glass of wine to complement it. With tours through some of the most beautiful and bountiful wine country in Italy, you can trace the journey from grape to glass with vineyard visits and wine tastings.